Metal POS (Point Of Sale)
Metal POS is an easy to learn, cost effective, full-featured software solution which has been designed with the small to mid-sized metal industry business owner in mind. Metal POS was developed in cooperation with business owners and users who understand the uniquenesses of the metal resale industry.

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Main Menu Order Entry Quick Quote Sales Graphs
Professional Invoices
Quick Quote
Arrows Email Quick Quotes with a Single Click
Close more sales as your customer is more likely to go with the first good price.
Arrows Supplier Price Imports
Always know your current costs. No more looking up or calling suppliers to accurately quote an order.
Arrows Automatic Stock Size and Shear Pricing
Eliminate errors and time consuming price calculations.
Easy to Navigate Menus
Main Menu
Arrows Short Learning Curve
Arrows Password Protected Administration
Arrows Branded with your Company Logo
Sales Graphs at the Click of a Button
Sales Graphs
Arrows Visualize your Sales Data
Reveal trends that may otherwise go unnoticed.
Arrows Automatic Discount Tiers
No more manual discount calculations.
Maintain consistent margins within customer groups.
Order Entry for Quotes and Invoices
Order Entry
Arrows Flexible Price Overrides
Arrows Auto Weight Calculations
Inform your customer of load weights at time of order to ensure appropriate transport is planned for picked up orders.
Arrows Immediate Quotes and Orders
Arrows Complete Customer History
A wide variety of Reports
Reports Menu
Arrows On Account Purchases
Arrows Sales Tax Summaries
Arrows Quotes/Order Histories by Customer
Know what you have quoted or sold to a given customer.